AutoCeption’s 360°Digital Test Drive is an alternative way to market a vehicle from traditional digital product merchandising. This is the purest form in enabling a car buyer’s behavior to understand vehicle features from their device.

Benefits to 360 Digital Test Drive

Measurable Results: Far more effective than traditional marketing - television commercials. Digital video content can provide reports on performance and demographics.

Customization: Traditional marketing is often generic, video content is able to provide a personalized experience tailored to invoke emotions for different customer base.

Cost Effective: Traditional marketing is often associated as “big budget”. Targeted campaigns different customer base can be far more affordable.

Brand Innovation: It is crucial that the auto industry’s business objective is algin with consumer interests. Customized campaign messaging builds trust with customer base.

75 %

of auto shoppers say that online
videos has influenced their
shopping habits or purchases.

Think with Google

Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S., "How People Shop with YouTube” study, 18–64 year olds who go online at least once per month
and have purchased a car in the last year (n=400), July 2018.

Use Cases

Social Media: Upload content to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter 360 universe. Offer immersive experience in the digital destination car buyers spend most of their time.

OEM website: Give the mass audience a chance to fall in love with a car with a test drive without going into a dealership.

Dealership Website: Give the the local audience a chance to fall in love with a car with a test drive instantly without the pressure.

Roadshows: Many brands currently perform sales promotions and roadshows. Offer an instant immersive experience to any and all.

Innovative Experience

Controlled messaging of vehicle features to value add benefits in a short consumption cycle leads to improved memory retention.

Convenient Research

Research shows most online car shopping occurs either afternoon or late evening, which is often at work or home.

Brand Engagement

80.6% of car buyers are not brand loyal. The process of shopping is engineered to increase awareness to new-to-brand and repeat car buyers.

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