Frequently Asked Questions

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How will this help me sell more cars?

Productive Formula helps in many ways. While it appears we simply offer technology, we build with the philosophy of saving dealerships time and money.

  • We create content for your new Vehicle Description Page (VDP); thoughtful vehicle descriptions are created to better engage with online car buyers with a click of a button.
  • We provide videos; we create helpful content for your sales consultants to shorten the sales cycle.
  • We provide an app that helps you upload your vehicles online; this reduces the time spent between taking photos and modifying the details on your desktop.
  • Ultimately, whether you have a marketing team or are operating alone, Productive Formula is the marketing assistant to make your dealership more efficient.

What makes this different to similar products like this out there?

We’re aware of the tools out in the automotive market and we’re not trying to reinvent any of them. We design and build products from ground up from our knowledge of technology and automotive retailing.

We encourage comparing our products, because you will find a noticeable difference in how our products work. We built our products to serve you first, not to satisfy shareholders.

Will your products integrate with my website?

Contact us here. We’ll identify how we can work with your OEM to create a connection to your website.

I already have a marketing department, why would I need this?

If you already have a marketing team, that's great! Our platform is built for dealers and is not intended to replace anyone. It will help your team to better engage with your customers so they can focus on what's essential, your online presence.

My OEM brand is not supported. When will I know?

We add OEMs based on the number of interested dealerships to our platforms. We require 25 dealerships of an OEM brand in order for us to build out the content. If you are interested in submitting your dealership to the onboarding list, contact us here.

How much does Dealer Lingo cost?

Try Dealer Lingo free with 5 generations, no credit card required. After your trial expires, choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your dealership.

Do I need a marketing specialist to use Productive Formula tools?

No, you don’t need a marketing specialist to use Productive Formula tools. All Productive Formula tools were designed for anyone at the dealership level to customize VDP’s. Start by simply selecting details for the vehicle and the lifestyle segment you wish to target.

Add the video feature and social share functionality with the Plus or Loaded plans. If you need help, you may contact us for support through the login platform.

Which languages does Dealer Lingo support?

Dealer Lingo is currently only available in English. We are working to provide multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese to support the customer-facing parts of your VDP and social media network.

What currency will Productive Formula charge me?

Productive Formula charges in USD (US Dollars). We accept only credit card payments. For more information or troubleshooting, you can contact us at

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