5 Actions Your Automotive Dealership Can Perform During Closure



The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has affected many businesses across the country. While it’s difficult to look at your physical dealership without customers, there is still traffic to your dealership website. By now you (should) have incorporated proactive content and messaging response to the pandemic to your employees and customers. Here are five actionable tips to stay relevant during such an unprecedented time. 

Control Lost Leads

General traffic is down for many organizations. Online vehicle sales is the only method to conversion. The key is to focus on meaningful communications by improving or creating a campaign for higher conversions to online leads. The key is to be more aggressive now than ever with incentives. Adding some goodwill can create an indirect benefit of helping people, which will result in shareable content. 

Test Drive New Campaigns

Recognize this is a unique time, which calls for unique approaches. A smart and unique campaign could drive more visitors to your website and inform your audience you are different from your competitors. Your atypical local dealership marketing campaign should show characteristics of vigilance and positivity.

Focus on Customer Service and Reputation Management<

Many competing brands are creating content schedules to keep customers informed. All traffic is driven online which has levelled the playing field between small to large dealerships. A consistent communication message will provide your prospective customers with entertaining and informative content. Reassure customers and let them know what you’re doing to support them.

Update FAQ Schema

People are using search engines now more than ever. Keeping website content that answers questions your potential customers are looking for, whether it is to see if your business is open or any incentives on certain products. By having up-to-date answers to these questions on a website, there is a good opportunity to appear higher in the search engine results page which should increase website traffic and leads.

Take Advantage of Social Media

People are spending more time on Social Media than ever. A business social media channel is another way to keep customers informed of your business. Content schedule will allow you to disseminate one message to multiple platforms. Also consider new up and coming platforms such as TikTok.

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