AutoCeption 360 Digital Test Drive responds to the effects of coronavirus



Many organizations are being cautious last week about the spread of coronavirus and what it could mean for their customers, employees and partners, many major events and conferences across the country are being cancelled.

Major automotive brands are also being affected by car buyer’s inessential travel to dealerships which has caused a negative impact to sales. The recent concerns were brought up at the Tri-State Dealer Association gathering. Long discussions had for solutions to enable car buyers with access to service and test drives.

Productive Formula presents an alternative response for many of the telepresence solutions with technologies that are ready to address this is immersive computing with digital content delivery.

AutoCeption is the solution

Productive Formula’s AutoCeption product is a 360 Digital Test Drive that provides the closest experience to putting car buyer “butts in seats”, which is an ideal answer to the timing of the global concern. Productive Formula is currently discussing partnership with OEM program vendors for digital test drive content from across the country.

How it works

Car buyers will visit major automotive brand websites, they are welcomed with AutoCeption’s video application that works on desktop and mobile. Once the video application is triggered, viewers will find themselves in the passenger seat perspective, welcomed by a knowledgeable vehicle presenter with instructions of how the entire vehicle interior can be viewed with exterior vehicle features. See example below:

The application from the major automotive brand’s website can also be watched on a virtual reality headset for a more immersive experience. This is the evolution of the generic video content with stronger interactiveness.

Where it works

AutoCeption also can be introduced on several social media platforms such as YouTube with the same functions as seen below:

Give car buyers something more engaging and visually appealing than a stock video. Contact us to learn more.