Productive Formula Introduces 360 Digital Test Drive



The car buyer journey today no longer starts with the dealership. More and more consumers are turning to online resources to make their purchasing decisions. Over half (56%) of auto shoppers said they could be convinced to buy a car from a video without having to test drive the vehicle.

To improve the video engagement between car buyers and car sellers, Productive Formula introduces Autoception, first of its kind with cutting edge web and video technology providing a true 360 degree video test drive experience. Our studies show engagement and video replay value is high thanks to the immersive engagement resulting in an emotional connection with the vehicle features.

By offering this innovative way to merchandise vehicles, OEM manufacturers can influence car buyer brand considerations and improve the sales cycle.

Integrated with OEM websites, media partners, YouTube, Facebook and marketing pages, our video technology provides true customer engagement tracking. Advertisement integration before and after the video may increase ad impressions and reinforce the brand message in the consumers mind.

Simply play the demo below and look around the vehicle!

About Productive Formula

Productive Formula is more than just an automotive technology firm. Our mission is to create innovative merchandising retail tools by understanding the connection with human behaviour and technology. Products we offer are designed to be positive alternatives to traditional digital marketing enabling OEM manufacturers and dealerships to better communicate with car buyers.

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