The (very near) Future of Automotive Digital Merchandising



Productive Formula has been the forefront in providing innovative online automotive content. We preach the power of video as media content is not going away and will only grow stronger in the coming months during this pandemic. Media consumption and usage will continue to rise according to Nielson:

The report said working and staying at home can lead to almost a 60% increase in the amount of content consumed. “Considering that consumers around the globe are already leaning into the growing ray of content options and channels, a 60% increase is significant”

While the US does not have enough data to provide meaningful insight of consumption, outside the U.S., content consumption in South Korea increased by 17% (1.2 million viewers) after reports about COVID-19 in early February. In Italy, the Italian Joint Industry Committee reported a 6.5% increase in TV viewing in hard-hit Italy during the last week in February and a 12% increase  in the country’s Lombardy regions, where severe quarantines were first put in effect.

Automotive businesses should invest and further put effort into video content at the forefront of their brand and engagement. Deliver good content above simply placing a stock video in social content and a demo CTA. This may not be the time to convince consumers to purchase a car; rather to brand: “we’re here when you’re ready” idea into future car buyers. Productive Formula is encouraging video content that will keep the idea of a new car as top of mind

Here are tips we suggest to follow:

1. Create entertaining content that will relate to brand culture and people;

2. Create helpful FAQs that is current with the sentiments of viewers;

3. Post a minimum of one video per day;

4. Walkthrough very specific questions on vehicle features or services;

Take a look at our AutoCeption product: 360 Digital Test Drive:

Also works on YouTube:

Give car buyers something more engaging and visually appealing than a stock video. Contact us to learn more.